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The Singing Harpist

'"Jharda has found a modern edge to this timeless instrument"

Weddings & Civil Partnerships...

Live harp music really adds the perfect, romantic finishing touch to any wedding. Even the simplest of venues or the worst bad-weather days can be transformed by the beautiful, elegant atmosphere that live harp music creates.   

I love playing weddings, civil ceremonies and civil partnerships. I always feel very privileged to be involved in such an important day in a couple's life, and it can be particularly rewarding playing songs and pieces that I have arranged or learnt just for that couple - which is why I am always happy to receive special requests!

The ceremony itself typically includes around 15 to 30 minutes of playing as your guests are arriving and being seated, an instrumental piece or song as the bride/couple enters the room or walks down the aisle, two or three songs or pieces whilst the register is being signed and pictures are taken (this usually takes around 10 minutes), and also some music as both you and your guests all leave the room. You may also choose to have a solo performed as part of your ceremony - perhaps instead of a reading.

In addition to learning pieces especially for you, I am also happy to give advice and provide suggestions of appropriate music to play during the various parts of the ceremony and throughout the day.

Favourite pieces to walk down the aisle to...

'Pachelbel's Canon' (also known as 'Canon in D'), arranged by Sylvia Woods

Poised and stately, this is one of the most popular pieces to begin a wedding with. Performed by The Singing Harpist

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A pretty, and wonderfully romantic, traditional Celtic tune, performed by The Singing Harpist

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Clair de Lune


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Flower Duet Song

from Lakmé - Delibes (Classical)

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